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Web Design

Our web design service is one of the areas where we have proved our skills and discipline around the world. At Digitalbuddha you will get high-quality web services with the creative bunch of people who want to get recognized among the world-class web designers. We are specialized in the areas: interface design, web graphic design, Bug-free code and proprietary software and user experience design. We provide the best page layout, Typography, Quality code, Motion Graphics and much more!

Web Development

Web development is a broad term which includes all the task for creating a website. Our web development team provide all the services for creating and managing your website for internet and intranet. Our web engineers are hardworking folks who are specialized in web design, web content development, client-side scripting, server-side scripting, e-commerce development, web server and network security configuration and client liaison. Meaning to say that you can definitely trust the web engineers at Digitalbuddha who have interdisciplinary skills.

eCommerce Solutions

DigitalBuddha is the name that you can trust for providing a secure e-commerce solution for your business. We can provide all the tools that you need for creating an online store and to grow your sales. We guarantee Secure Hosting, Unlimited storage and bandwidth, Built-in selling on any marketplace and much more. Last but not the least, a user-friendly and attractive platform in both desktop and mobile devices.

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Online Branding Services

Logo Design and Branding

Logo Designing is the first step in branding services which will promote instant public recognition for your organization. We have a creative bunch of Designers to provide excellent Logo for your brand with the best concept lying inside it. We can also provide better emblems, symbols, icons which will suit for the name of your organization and your business area.

Print Designs

Our Print Designs are attractive and powerful to catch the attention of the customers. At Digitalbuddha we create Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Pamphlets, Business Stationery, Postcards, Posters and anything that you wish to create in a printed form. You can modify the designs anytime and we also provide unlimited revisions until the customer gets satisfied.

Video Production

As a top digital marketing company, we are good at creating and marketing your business using attractive videos. We also have associations with top video production companies and studios. Digitalbuddha creates different kind of videos including Event Video, Television Broadcast, Corporate video and Internet video. We can guarantee that our experts use innovative solutions to create video content that increases the sale online.

Packaging Design

We can create elegant packages to display your products. We preserve your brand identity and core values and improve the personality of your considering about the mentality of your customers. At Digitalbuddha you will get the best creative packages which will give a unique identity to your product in the Online store and offline stores.

Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a highly recommended digital marketing service by which you can increase your visibility on the internet through organic searches. Digitalbuddha has a well-coordinated SEO team who can guarantee page one ranking for competitive keywords. Read More

Paid Media

Paid media is a powerful online marketing technique which can give faster results. Digitalbuddha helps you to reach the right customers at the right time using paid advertisement through different channels. Read More…

conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is the technique by which we increase the percentage of customers from the current visitors. Digitalbuddha increases the trust among potential customers with powerful methods and methodologies. Read More…

reputation management

Online reputation management is very important for any company in the 21st century. Most of the Indian companies are depending on PR agencies and Digital Marketing services for managing their reputation on world wide web. Read More…

Facebook and Twitter ads

Facebook and Twitter ads are the most powerful among social media advertising platforms. It has been seen that Twitter Ads are very effective for Indian businesses in the current scenario. Read More


With the increased availability of internet access, the use of social media platforms among the Indians is increasing day by day. Social media marketing is the most effective marketing technique targeting Millenials. Read More

Email marketing

Email marketing and Bulk SMS services are used by most of the Indian companies during the last few decades. There are a lot of additional techniques that can be used with Email marketing to reach the right audience in an effective way. Read More…

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

You are all familiar with Google Adwords and other pay per click advertisements which are showing on the top of your search engines. We research your area of business and do the competitive analysis before setting a powerful PPC advertisement. Read More…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is done by advertising your product or service on some other reputed website. You can also participate in the Affiliate marketing program and earn money by allowing other advertisers to publish Ads on your web page.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation reduces your intervention for marketing your services and products. We provide marketing automation software that can make you marketing hassle free. Read More…


We all know the quote “Content is the King” widely used in internet marketing. Digitalbuddha has a huge network of content developers specialized in a different niche. We can provide content on the required topic in any language within the time limit. Read more…

Blogging packages

Blogging is the best technique to retain your customers and make your website more dynamic. Digitalbuddha provides different kind of blogging packages which will help to engage your customers in an effective way. Read More…

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is very effective among online marketing techniques by which you can increase the organic results. Digitalbuddha serves the result oriented Inbound marketing techniques. Read More…

E- commerce solutions

E-Commerce services are having a high growth rate in India during the current period. Digitalbuddha can help you to have a perfect E-Commerce platform in which you can do the sales securely. Read More…

Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relation is the technique in which traditional public relation methods are applied in an online platform. Digitalbuddha will help you to earn trust among your customers with experienced public relation strategies. Read More…


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