Effective Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years, Social Media has completely changed the Internet and also the world of marketing. Thus your business needs to use this new forms of communications as soon as possible. Digitalbuddha is ready to help you with full-scale social media marketing. We learn about the clients business and provide the ability to reach consumers at every stage of their journey using the social media platforms. The components for the social success is implemented in the right balance by our social media marketing geeks which make us the best social media marketing company in Kerala.

We have a couple of guys here at Digitalbuddha who are addicted to Social networks and can’t live without their smartphones. They live and breath social media! These social and active guys will manage your social media accounts 24 X 7 by encouraging with the right audience.

Social Media is Changing the World

Be Awesome on Social Media !

We analyze your social presence and find out your social competitors to develop a strategy that will lead you in the social marketing segment. Social auditing is done in all the stages to create a baseline for current social performance. We drive the conversation among consumers, advocates, and influencers in a meaningful way that will reflect on the growth of your business.

You can easily share contents through Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media networks to potential customers. Effortlessly create site accounts and logins, integrating Facebook on e-commerce websites, building a community on the social platform and a lot more social media marketing services are provided by Digitalbuddha team.

How well we do it on SOCIAL MEDIA

Our team of social media experts has years of experience in building communities and followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Blogger networks. We prepare your brand story in an engaging manner with the right mix of analytics and creativity with the goal of turning your followers into business results.

  •  Driving more traffic to your website by quality social media activities.
  •  Growing your social media communities with quality engagements and fans.
  •  Effective social media campaigns with the right targeted audience.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media management will help your business to get more followers, fans, and customers. Digitalbuddha’s social media management team will regularly post highly engaging contents on your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. We start with an end-to-end social media strategy. Each and every step followed by the social media experts at Digitalbuddha will help you to engage your audience.

Social Contests

Social media contests are getting popular day by day. It is considered to be a highly effective social media marketing strategy in this period. Digitalbuddha social strategists will amplify your business with powerful sweepstakes and email list building. You can create social contests according to your marketing plans, whether it is short term or long term.

Social Shopping Carts

Most of the SME is trying to utilize all the features of E-commerce to increase their businesses. As a Leading Social media Marketing Company in Kerala, we have helped many SMEs to sell goods and services through social media platforms. Digitalbuddha team can create attractive shopping carts for your business to sell products without any hidden charges.

Reputation Monitoring

Social media reputation management is one of the important section of online reputation management. If you are having a good social media presence, then it is essential to monitor your reputation on all social media platforms. You should hire a social media monitoring expert for responding to customer feedback at the right time in the right manner.

Social Deals

If you have never tried social deals for your business, Digitalbuddha team can help you to create your social deals that will lead to great customer engagement. Our social deals are always strategized to perform far better than your competitors. We assure you to increase new and returning customers with social deals that also build email lists.

Review Alerts

Setting up review alerts will help you to engage with the customers instantly and help you to increase customer satisfaction. Instant replying will help you to show the customers how they are important for your business. We will help you to manage your real-time alerts when someone comments or reviews your business online.

Social optimization

Social optimisation has to be done on a regular basis to keep your social media profiles live and fresh. Similar to search engine optimisation techniques for your websites, social media contents have to be optimized to get higher ranking for your social profiles. We have proven results to show that we are one of the best social media marketing in Kerala.

Social Analytics

Social analytics works hand in hand with social monitoring. DigitalBuddha will provide easy-to-understand social analytics and post insights after each and every social advertising campaigns. We also do opinion mining (Sentiment analysis) to capture the voice of the customer and their sentiment which help you to understand your customers, campaigns, communities, content and conversations.

Social Media Customer Service

Fast response is what every customer will be expecting from a good service provider. We can transform your customer service experience by utilizing the power of social media and the social media community. By choosing our social media customer service package, you can reduce the costs of creating a better customer service experience and increase customer satisfaction.

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