The first and foremost thing that the majority of the customer notices on a website is its design. As they say, the first impression is the best impression, and it applies to the design part pretty much!


An attractive design can always enhance the sales numbers. At present, if your design is not unique, comfortable, or engaging to the audience, you will fail to gain more traffic to your website. That is why it is essential to integrate modern web design into your marketing strategy!

So, how are you going to do it?

In this article, we will be discussing 10 top web designing trends of 2020, that you could make use of to build a better and engaging website in accordance.

1. Dark mode

Many of us prefer dark color themes while browsing- web for various reasons such as eye strain, battery saving, etc. Especially, when you are an owl who tends to use phones at night more than day time! Some even try to use plugins to force it on a website. Hence, developers created a new CSS feature known as the Prefer color scheme which detects if your browser is in dark mode. This allows web designers to change their website color theme accordingly. Moreover, dark mode makes the design elements more elegant and attractive!

2. Lottie.js

Lottie is an animated javascript object notation file. It is quite useful when it comes to creating a website design or even prototypes. This light-weighted animated file is compatible with any modern browser and platforms that you use regardless of any additional software.

Lottie animations help minimize the debugging duration and starting and early stages of deployment as it is kept in the form of plain text. Therefore with the help of this human-readable format, it will be easy for you to maintain the Lottie files without making use of any professional tools. In short, Lottie is dynamic, scalable, and offers high-quality animation on a user’s device.

3. Typography

Typography will continue to show movement in 2020. It will move with animation, adapt to different shapes, and conform to a wide variety of objects. There will be a shift away from blocky unorganized sans serif and move into typefaces that have a little bit of

Also, there will be more broken typography with words scattered like a puzzle or broken glass. The typo will no longer need to follow the logical left to right order as it breaks the grid and takes a more natural feeling. Warp text has always been something that seemed more experimental in the past like modern art but it is expected to see more on the mainstream and branded projects in
2020. As support for more and more complex typefaces comes to the digital marketing world, we will see more designers loading in custom typefaces on mobile and web design layout!

4. Abstract illustrations

Abstract illustrations move more into the website designer space. As humans, we have all been drawn to visuals as it is something quite different than just writing. For this reason, abstract illustrations work in a great way as they capture attention and help to articulate the message from your website. Mail chimp is an example of this one! Abstract illustrations are something that is here to stay for a long time.

5. 3D elements

3D websites are like the parts of websites that contain 3D elements to help portray a message and keep the user engaged. It can be used under photo galleries, service pages, product photographs, and so on. 3D does work to complement the content on the page and it’s adding some real nice depth to the visual composition.

6. Dynamic Scrolling

Website content generated by scrolling is really good functionality when it comes to scrolling pages down. It is gifted with transitions that capture our attention and keep us engaged from top to bottom. Apple Earpod’s landing page is a good example of scrolling in which you will get to see things fade in and out and the appearance of transitions that grab our attention flawlessly. Scrolling is a good way to market products on a website.

7. Accessibility

Accessibility is the idea that technology must be equally accessible for people with and without disabilities by removing all the barriers. It can be visitors with visual disabilities, auditory disabilities, cognitive and neurological disabilities, or even physical and motor disabilities. Accessibility has so many merits including captions that benefit anyone in a loud or quiet environment, good color contrast that has a glare in it, and many others! Web browsers, media players, and apps must support accessibility features as everybody looks for a better user experience and accessibility can provide that with improved layout and design.

8. Minimalism

Minimalistic designs are going to rule in 2020 too! When a web page is simple, customers can easily figure out where to go and which action to take, or else, they will be bored and leave your website once and for all! Minimalistic web designs have become so popular as people have turned to smaller screen sizes because they respond to mobile devices without making the elements too tiny to read. A minimalist design can help you stand out from the competition, attracts mobile users, and puts less strain on your web hosting plan. Overall, minimalistic designs are so appealing as it has uncomplicated, powerful designs.

9. Mobile-friendly design

Are you reading this blog on a desktop, mobile, or tablet? I am sure most of you must be reading via mobile devices. As per the current statistics, 50% of web traffic arises from mobile devices. This means, half of the people are visiting your websites through
mobile rather than desktop and if you are a designer, you must ensure that the website fits on multiple screen devices.
There are certain challenges that a designer might face when it comes to creating a mobile-friendly design including,

  • Restructuring your layout
  • Adjusting the sites
  • Removing all the unnecessary contents from websites.

As your mobile devices are smaller, you must ensure that your site is not stuffed with more colors or unimportant content making it as complicated and boring to see.


Machine learning and AI have taken over the Internet and will stay for all the years to come with advanced technologies. Messaging systems such as chatbots are quite trending in which these bots play a vital role in connecting those who visit your website and give them the information that they require within seconds. In short, it creates a better user experience making your website convenient and efficient!

On the other hand, it saves cost and time. How? Well, let the bots do the talking while you do other essential work in your company. Overall, chatbots are a great way of enhancing customer satisfaction, enhancing sales, and visitors.

To sum up, Web design is the first thing that is responsible for attracting the audience to your website. Web designers are arriving with lots of creative and unique styles in their designing process and why won’t they? Because, websites are a vital part of brands and if it doesn’t look good, it’s going to affect your brand too. The trends will continue to rise as the years pass as the world is driven by technologies these days!